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You know that policymakers around the world continue to pick up the pace of their activities regarding digital currency. From crypto to CBDCs and stablecoins, from blockchain to DeFi to payments, official sector activities continue to proliferate.

You cannot — and do not want to — wait to make your investment, DLT architecture, and intermediation decisions today. But you know that tomorrow’s headlines and official actions could materially impact the structure of costs and risks in this rapidly evolving ecosystem. And you don’t have time to read everything.

Take a beat. Our award-winning technology that drives this podcast and companion newsletter can help you. Every day, it reads everything policymakers say and do. Then it measures notional volume amounts of activity levels in context. On Fridays, we give you the bird’s eye view of what just happened and what it means.

Our podcast tells you what the quantitative data shows about activity levels through our Chart of the Week. We also share language data that helped generate the quantitative data via the Quote of the Week (aka, “They Said WHAT?”) and the Top Three Reads.

Listen for free at your leisure over the weekend so you can start your Monday secure in the knowledge that you have not missed anything important. Paid subscribers additionally receive full access to the written version which includes hyperlinks that take you directly to the source material.

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Taking a data-driven approach to digital currency policy delivers a super-power: the ability to connect the dots faster and more accurately. While others talk about opinion, you can be the person in the room armed with cold, hard facts that have been hiding in plain sight but may have been overlooked due to screaming headlines. While others react to the latest headline, you can be ahead of the game and ready to contribute with informed strategy backed by facts.

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Few sectors are more exposed to public policy risks than digital currency. From crypto to CBDC and stablecoins, from DeFi and blockchain and payments, policymakers will take action. Join us weekly as we review what the data shows beyond headlines.



From crypto to CBDCs and stablecoins, from legislation to enforcement action it's never dull on the frontier of decentralized finance and payments policy. Join us weekly as we measure policy momentum.