May 12 • 16M

ChainReg 18: Canada Joins the CBDC Party; Congress, the SEC & the Fed Still Bickering

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Few sectors are more exposed to public policy risks than digital currency. From crypto to CBDC and stablecoins, from DeFi and blockchain and payments, policymakers will take action. Join us weekly as we review what the data shows beyond headlines.

Welcome to ChainReg18….a weekly podcast that uses a data-driven approach to spot trends and tensions within the policy process regarding digital currencies.  From crypto to stablecoins to CBDC, we take the pulse of the policy process every week and share our findings.

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This week, policymakers continue to make slow but steady and technical progress towards launching central bank digital currencies.

Active engagement from Canada, the EU and the UK is not matched in the United States which remains fixated and stuck in neutral regarding regulatory policy.